This is the Lord of the Ring!  


  This project is a humble sign of respect to the many lives lost and the families and loved ones torn apart due to the earthquake and tsunami which struck off the coast of Japan’s Tohoku region in March 2011. It is also an embodiment of the continued friendship, support and loyalty between Ireland and Japan which is celebrating more than sixty years of bilateral relations. This comes at a time of widening divisions around the world and emphasises the need for continued support and cooperation between individuals, organisations and nations.


  The accentuated and stylised details on the Claddagh Ring convey the story of devastation but also the regrowth and rebirth in the region. An undulating diamond cut wave wraps the ring band as a remembrance of the events of March 2011 while a crown of towers sat above a faceted heart reflects new growth and friendship in the years following the disaster, today and long into the future. The band of the ring is etched in the back with the words ‘Love & Friendship’ as a reminder that out of all chaos and destruction, love and friendship will always steer us onto the right path.  


  This project we hope will be a small contributor to rebuilding and regrowth in the Tohoku Region and we look forward to working more closely with our partners in Kamaishi and the Japanese and Irish governments in garnering new creativity and cooperation. 


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このクラダリング上に強調されスタイル化されたディテイルは、荒廃のストーリーを物語るだけではなく、被災地の再成長や再生を目指そうという意味を込めています。指輪のベルトにダイアモンドカットで刻まれた波文様は2011年3月の記憶であり、ハートの上に座する王冠は震災の後の数年の歳月、そして今日、将来にわたる再成長と友情を反映します。また指輪の内側には”Love & Friendship”の文言が刻まれ、私たちの進むべき道を指し示すことでしょう。 




 ポール・コステロ (Paul Costelloe)

1979年に自身のブランド”Paul Costelloe”をスタート。




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